Smarthome Wireless IP Security Camera Review

I received an email from Smarthome about this camera a few weeks ago and was only slightly impressed with the prospect of having an IP Camera monitoring my house.  But I quickly noticed that this camera was HouseLinc compatible!  At that moment, I had to have one.

Setting up the camera was fairly straight forward.  You will need to have your camera plugged directly into your network to start, but once you finish the initial set-up, you can quickly transition to a wireless deployment without much hassle. Finding the device in HouseLinc was a snap as well and within seconds I was viewing the live video feed.

One incredibly cool feature of this camera is the ability to view and control via a smartphone.  Setting up remote viewing required a bit of technical acumen, and requires an understanding of how your home’s router works.  Essentially you are setting up port forwarding so that the IP address of the camera can be access remotely (Note: there are security features included which seem to keep the feed fairly secure from outside intrusion).

Overall, I am much more satisfied with the camera after having purchased it than I was prior.  There are some really cool applications that I have yet to try and the feeling of such a flexible and affordable home surveillance system is pretty cool.

Check out the product page at for more information:

Control a Mixture of Home Automation Technologies via One Web-Based Controller

HomeSeer HT-SE-PRO HomeTroller-SE PRO Home Automation Controller



  • Control your home via smartphones or tablets
  • Supports Z-Wave, UPB, Insteon, and X10
  • Includes embedded OS, HSPRO, and HSTouch
  • Works with all Plug-Ins offered by HomeSeer
  • Fan-Less, Disc-less design
  • Supports audio, text-to-speech and voice control
  • Supports telephone function
  • Supports telephone function


Homeseer’s HomeTroller-SE PRO is a network-based home automation controller which incorporates all of the flexibility and control provided by HomeSeer’s HS2 and HSPRO software into one easy-to-install, compact unit. The HT-SE-PRO is capable of controlling appliances, lighting, HVAC, and infrared (IR) devices such as rack equipment for home theaters. Being that the HT-SE-PRO is an open standards system, it can be integrated with multiple technologies from a variety of industry leaders, such as Insteon, Lutron, Zensys, Leviton, Lightolier, HAI, Global Cache, UPB, X10, Z-Wave, and many more.

HomeTroller-SE is designed for use by dealers and DIY homeowners. The menu-driven interface provides easy setup and configuration. The interface is a web-based API (An Open Application Program Interface) for added support for almost any custom or proprietary system. The software add-ons available are called plu-ins. They offer additonal functionality and enhance the system by integrating it with media players like iTunes, security panels, and infrared controllers. Visit the Homeseer website for a full list of available plug-ins.

Multi-Protocol Digital Home Management Software for Programming and Controlling Home Automation Devices

INSTEON-Compatible mControl Software v3, Base System

Integrate all of your home automation systems into a single, easy-to-control interface using the INSTEON-compatible mControl v3 Software. The mControl v3 system provides home owners with unrivaled value for home monitoring and control. Providing an inexpensive platform for advanced automation solutions, mControl v3 is one of the most comprehensive multi-protocol automation softwares available. Whether making your personal living space more energy efficient, adding convenience with wireless (Remote Controlled) lighting and appliance controls, or deploying an energy management solution for a range of homes, mControl v3 is the perfect platform for the modern day “Digital Home”.

mControl installs on your PC and has the flexibility to be controlled from your PC or via an internet ready mobile device. From the comfort of your desk or your couch, you can access and control your INSTEON, Z-Wave, mBee, UPB, and X10 lighting or appliance controls, HVAC systems, security systems, IP surveillance cameras, media centers or audio/video (A/V) components, and 3rd party systems. Additional features offered by this system can provide the user with energy management and data logging capability. Create macros that link different automation devices and create scenes and events that will automate your lifestyle.

Why Should I Upgrade to the New mControl v3?

  • New features not supported by older versions of mControl, such as the iPad/iPhone interface, mRemote, Module Maker, Data Logging, mChronicle, and more!
  • Embedded Automation Inc. will continue to add major (and minor) features to the mControl v3 software. mControl v2 wil still be updated as well, but only with minor features.
  • mControl v3 was developed to be Embedded Automation’s platform for the future development of, and supports or is compatible with, the latest operating systems, technologies allowing a better migration to future platforms for example, Windows 8, new Home Automation protocols, and so on.

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Ceiling Fan Speed and Light Control All in One

FanLinc - INSTEON Ceiling Fan and Light Controller, Fixture Module (Dual-Band)

FanLinc is designed to easily incorporate both fan speed and light control within your INSTEON network. It is a dual-load responder simultaneously acting as a light fixture dimmer plus a 4 speed fan controller (Off, Low, Medium & High). Control the fan speed or lighting kit wirelessly from any INSTEON controller, be it a handheld remote, wall keypad or even your smartphone. Tie it in with a computer controller that can trigger all the fans in the house to turn on (at a predetermined speed) to help circulate the air, reducing costs associated with running your air conditioner.





How FanLinc Works
FanLinc is compatible with most ceiling fans and installs inside the fan cowling between the fan and incoming power. You’ll want to make sure you have access to both the fan and (if your fan has a lighting kit attached) the light control wires.

Before finalizing your FanLinc installation you’ll want to link it to your selected controllers. Because you don’t want to be removing your ceiling fan every time you want to add or remove links, we recommend using software such as HouseLinc to manage all of this from your computer.

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INSTEON Compatible EZ1 Home Automation Ready Controller with Z-Wave Capability

Cortexa Automation CTXA-EZ1 INSTEON - Compatible Cortexa EZ1



Cortexa Automation’s EZ1 Home Automation Ready (HAR™) controller offers home and small business owners an easy and convenient way to monitor and control devices within the home or business. The Cortexa can control “Smart” systems and devices in the home including lighting, appliances, HVAC, security cameras and more. Cortexa’s HAR™ controller can also help reduce energy bills by up to 30%, saving homeowners time and money while increasing quality of life. All of this can be accomplished by using a wide variety of INSTEON enabled devices including lighting, HVAC control, door and window sensors, motion detectors, garage door status/control and more. The Cortexa also works with other devices including Z-Wave products, Global Cache, T.E.D (The Energy Detective), DSC Security, Rain8Net, and Somfy shade controls.

Combining INSTEON’s Solutions with the Cortexa can bring convenience and peace of mind along with incredible energy savings. How many times have you wondered if you forgot to close your garage door? Or worried lights were left on, the thermostat was not turned down? With the INSTEON Garage Door Control Kit and the Cortexa, you can automatically receive an email or text message if your garage has been left open too long, and close it right from your iPhone, iPad, or computer at work. With the Cortexa and INSTEON Thermostat you can control your heating and cooling from wherever life takes you.

Are you going on vacation soon? Using INSTEON lighting devices and the Cortexa you can put your home in a “Vacation Mode” and your lights will automatically turn On and Off to give the impression you are actually home. You can even check your security cameras while away, just to make sure everything is okay.

Many homeowners have irrigation systems that run regardless of weather conditions wasting money and one of our most scarce resources, water. Using the Rain8Net and the Cortexa, homeowners can setup their system to monitor the weather forecast and not run the sprinklers if it is going to rain the next day. Using the INSTEON Water Sensor and TriggerLinc the Cortexa can even notify you by email or text if there is a leak detected in your home to avoid thousands of dollars in damages.  Read more

Schedule and Control Your INSTEON-Compatible Devices From Your Web-Enabled PC, Phone or PDA

SmartLinc is an affordable and flexible web-based controller perfect for controlling wall switches, lamps or appliances, thermostat and many more INSTEONdevices. SmartLinc integrates INSTEON technology with any web-enabled device, allowing you to setup and control INSTEON devices from inside your home, in the backyard, at work, in the car or on vacation halfway around the world! Whether you are a DIYer, an electrician, or a home automation integrator, you will enjoy the ease with which programming is accomplished. A simple plug-in installation sets up in minutes and will allow most web-enabled phones or PDAs to control your INSTEON network from almost anywhere. As an added feature, SmartLinc includes IP camera support, giving you the versatility to incorporate watching and controlling your IP enabled surveillance cameras through you web-enabled interface. SmartLinc puts the power of managing your entire INSTEON home automation network in the palm of your hands.

SmartLinc - INSTEON Central Controller

  • Allows most mobile web-enabled devices to remotely control INSTEON compatible devices
  • Stores and executes On and Off timers for your devices, all without a PC
  • IP camera support allows for remote surveillance and camera control
  • Customizable web interface makes controlling your home easy
  • Sunrise and sunset timer support, device status feedback, iMeter power display and thermostat support
  • Award-winning INSTEON technology provides superior performance and reliability

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RemoteLinc 2!

RemoteLinc 2
I have to admit that the first time we heard about a new RemoteLinc we were pretty excited. For me, I’ve had the older RemoteLincs around my house for years and am glad to hear that I would soon be able to replace them. After getting my hands on the new RemoteLinc 2, I am not sure this is so much of a replacement, but more of a companion to the original RemoteLinc. My favorite place for my older RemoteLinc is in my entertainment room where I can set my lighting scenes while watching movies or listening to music. And the ability to dim all lights linked (rather than one at a time) is used almost daily in my house. The RemoteLinc 2 is lacking the ‘All’ functions of the original RemoteLinc with the tradoff being a much more elegant design. So though I can’t see the RemoteLinc 2 replacing my current RemoteLincs, new features such as the ability to use the RemoteLinc 2 in a wall mount configuration as a stick-a-switch is a real winner.

Check out the landing page at for more information:


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