Smarthome Wireless IP Security Camera Review

I received an email from Smarthome about this camera a few weeks ago and was only slightly impressed with the prospect of having an IP Camera monitoring my house.  But I quickly noticed that this camera was HouseLinc compatible!  At that moment, I had to have one.

Setting up the camera was fairly straight forward.  You will need to have your camera plugged directly into your network to start, but once you finish the initial set-up, you can quickly transition to a wireless deployment without much hassle. Finding the device in HouseLinc was a snap as well and within seconds I was viewing the live video feed.

One incredibly cool feature of this camera is the ability to view and control via a smartphone.  Setting up remote viewing required a bit of technical acumen, and requires an understanding of how your home’s router works.  Essentially you are setting up port forwarding so that the IP address of the camera can be access remotely (Note: there are security features included which seem to keep the feed fairly secure from outside intrusion).

Overall, I am much more satisfied with the camera after having purchased it than I was prior.  There are some really cool applications that I have yet to try and the feeling of such a flexible and affordable home surveillance system is pretty cool.

Check out the product page at for more information:

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